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Documentary (2015, 82 min), Swiss German
Directed by Julia Tal
Soundtrack by Hermes Baby

Each year, numerous people with no apparent link to agriculture, spend their summer on a mountain farm, high up in the Swiss Alps. These people hope to find something in nature and in the labour there that they can’t find in the cities they normally live in. The documentary film “z’Bärg” follows Sarah and Sämi, a young couple from Lucerne, during their first summer on such a farm. Their adventure soon starts to become challenging. Exhaustion and arguments belong to every-day life just as dipping into cool mountain streams and the beautiful landscape.

“z’Bärg” is a film about the reality behind the romantic dream of farming in the Alps. The film was screened in several German-speaking Swiss cinemas at the beginning of 2016 and is now available on DVD.

 z’Bärg film poster

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